Top Shopping Destinations in the Land Down Under

When out on an adventure in a new country, it’s imperative to set at least one day aside to head out and have some fun shopping. And in the land down under, there are more than enough places where you can satiate your thirst for shopping. Popular for its outdoor clothing markets, downtown shopping areas and big shopping malls, Australia has a vast array of options for tourists and locals alike. Whether it’s high-end fashion brands, renowned designer products, hand-crafted domestic goods or aboriginal art, Australia has a diverse mix of stores that you can visit all for your shopping pleasure.

For an unforgettable experience in the Land of Oz, check out our list to find out some of the best shopping hotspots in the major cities in Australia.

Queen Victoria Building
Having withstood the test of time, the Queen Victoria building stands marvelous tall in Sydney. Keeping its historic architectural charm, the high-Victorian sandstone building in its grandiose easily became one of the iconic, must-visit attractions in Sydney after having been reopened in 1986. It houses more than 190 designer and dining stores, providing a prestigious shopping experience to locals and tourists alike. ⠀

Chapel Street
A shopper’s paradise, Chapel Street is the shopping, dining and entertainment precint of Melbourne — arguably the most significant shopping city in Australia. The popular shopping street spreads across two miles in several neighborhoods. If you’re looking to grab recent fashion trends, high-end fashion products or even vintage treasures from old-fashioned pawnbrokers, Chapel Street has something to offer to everyone.

Queen Street Mall
Located at the heart of Brisbane, vibrant Queen Street Mall is Queensland’s premier shopping destination. Known as the shopping and lifestyle precincct of Brisbane, the Queen Street Mall has in store an unrivaled mix of incredible variety of clothing lines and retail options from local labels, renowned national designers and internationally-acclaimed brands. Explore shopping opportunities and visit the heritage-listed Brisbane Arcade and long-time favourite Wintergarden. Other shopping hotspots in Queen Street Mall also include the Queens Plaza, Broadway on the Mall, Queen Adelaid Building and the Myer Centre.

There are countless high-end shopping precincts across major cities in the land down under. Wander through alleyways, discover cafes and bump into the country’s trendy crowd. Don’t miss to enjoy an unparalleled shopping experience as part of your Australian adventure.


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