Brights Vs Neutrals: Which ones are better in fashion?

Colours play a huge role in countless of ways. And in fashion, it’s one important thing that should not be overlooked. It is a detail that can entirely either make or break an outfit. As with any clothing, well-chosen colours are also like a proper fit. No matter how well-crafted the garment structure is, how well it was tailored and how stylish the design, clothing in poorly chosen colours could also have you end up looking bland and boring, or loud and foolish (and we definitely want to avoid that!).

Nevertheless, as the old saying goes — to each his (or her) own! While most might prefer the safety of neutral colours, others may also lean more towards brighter ones! I, for one, would naturally choose subtle hues as not only do they complement my skin tone, they also work well and easily with other colours. Yet, for days when I’m feeling wild, carefree and open to experiment, I’m also not one to back down from colours of bolder intensity.

So which is which? Is there a certain guideline we need to follow? A rule of thumb that every fashionista should religiously stick to?

Which type of colours are better in fashion? Brighter tones or neutral hues?

I’m a self-proclaimed fashionista yet I am no certified stylist. But in my perspective, both just works! Neutral colours complement most colours and are easy to play with. When mixing and matching, wearing subtle hues paired up with vivid ones could also even turn out great. Colours well represent your personality, so whatever mood you are in, wear the colour that you think best represents that and YOU!

For the most part, playing with colours is fun. And while anybody would love to see more colour options into their wardrobe, we also don’t want to run the risk of looking tacky because of poorly chosen blazing combination of colours! One important thing to take note of in choosing your colours is that they all work well together in your entire ensemble. Neutrals definitely works with neutrals and the contrast in wearing between neutrals and brights also adds zest to an entire get-up.

To me, the formula is pretty simple: try to see if one of the colours complements, if not enhances, your whole look. Neutral hues are, for the most part, safe even when used together or on top of each other. On the other hand, putting bolder tones altogether, especially distinct ones may need a little bit more consideration.

I’d love to know if you agree – leave me a comment and let me know.