Fashion Problems All Girls Get: Which is better luxury or affordable fashion?

Much like a lot of people, I love clothing. Dresses, tops, shoes, accessories … you name it! And any shopaholic like I am would agree that most girls, if not all, have this endless quest for the latest fashion trends. (Raise both arms if you can totally relate!) We are always on the hunt for a piece or two that everybody is wearing these days — streetstyle boyfriend jeans, body-flattering bodysuit, embellished shoes … not to mention a cute and chic boho handbag and stylish accessories! And while we would always want to treat ourselves with the better things in life, shopping especially when you keep up with the newest trends, could get unsustainable and ultimately money-draining — even more so when done impulsively and frequently.

Which brings us to one of the biggest conundrums most girls have to face when dealing with the fashion department: Is luxury fashion worth the price tag or is it better to save your money and opt for cheaper items?

There are days when I won’t bother slipping into more affordable clothes. As long as it fits my mood and my fashion vision for that day, everything is great! No matter how low-key it could get, as long as it is comfortable (probably something I can turn into an Instagramable piece), I can go on with my day! But there are occasions where I would definitely go for a well-crafted piece of clothing that looks highly stylish and fits perfectly! That feeling when you see a dress or top that just has IT. You don’t know exactly what IT is, but it has IT, and when you find that thing that has IT, you don’t take your chances. You get your hands on it no matter how high the price could get. It’s just some of the decisions in life where you most likely won’t think twice about or batt an eye thinking that what you are purchasing is an investment and it going to be absolutely worth your money.

Don’t get me wrong. As much as I would want to be someone who does not have to worry about how much a product costs, I did not have all the money to spend on clothing while growing up. I still don’t. Let’s just say there are more practical things that I can spend my money for. I have tried both bottom of the barrel clothing and reasonably high quality clothing. And both have their own differences — it’s own pros and cons.

As what an old saying states, you get what you pay for. When it comes to cheap and fast fashion, that statement is most of the time true. You pay low prices because you get low quality. On the other hand, when it comes to high-end designer clothing, this old saying would also sometimes prove to be false. It is also a common notion that one cannot put a price tag on quality. The general consensus is that the higher the price, the better the quality. The more expensive the product, the longer the durability. But if you were to ask me — is buying expensive clothing worth it? My verdict would be: Sometimes.

I’d love to hear your view – pop a comment in and let me know. x