OMG luxury got affordable

If there’s anything that most girls universally understand, a handbag is a must, if not the most important, accessory (either that or shoes at least to me). Handbags can entirely transform a look and turn even some of the most low-key or laid-back outfits into a stunning fashion statement. And if there’s anything that epitomises and personifies luxe and fashion, it is the famous designer brands that have most girls swoon over and covet for their dream clutches and bags.

Designer handbags have it all — gorgeous styles, impeccable design and fine craftsmanship. But if there’s something else that comes with it that puts us to a halt, it is … guess what? Regrettably, the sky high price.

The great news is that more and more online shops are now delving into the business of selling pre-owned designer bags, making it easier for any handbag devotee or online shopaholic to get a hold of their dream bag!

I have been scouring online for places where I could shop for a pre-owned designer handbag and one of the things that had me most worried was the overall quality of the item. Will it look the same as how they were portrayed in the photos? Will the condition and features specified on the ad meet my expectations? Am I going to truly get my money’s worth? I mean, while the prices of pre-owned designer handbags are way lesser than that of brand new ones, they, nonetheless, cost higher than average handbags.

The next thing on the list was finding out how authentic the product is. I have had not-so-pleasant experiences with sellers who demonstrated lack of information about their product, which in turn did not give me the confidence I was looking for in terms of trusting a seller. Inconsistent communication with a lot of back-and-forths, which for the most part was time-consuming, that failed to give me the assurance I was going for in making a second-hand purchase.

With much luck (and help from Google of course!), I stumbled upon Luxe.It.Fwd. An online boutique that offers handbags only of the highest quality from designer brands such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Hermes and Dior, among many others. You can tell from their user-friendly yet very detailed, not to mention, beautifully chic website that they take what they do very seriously. They house only the premium condition jewellery and shoes too! And all of these undergo diligent authenticity verifications, making sure that all of us online shopaholics do not walk around clutching on replicas! And what even makes the online shopping experience even more pleasurable with Luxe.It.Fwd is that they respond to your queries in a timely manner, before and also after the purchase, which gave me the feeling all customers deserve — that they are being taken care of.

If you decide to go on a hunt for high quality and authentic designer handbags, then take a look at what Luxe.It.Fwd has to offer. Great quality pre-owned handbags coupled with pleasant shopping and customer service experience, prompt delivery and beautifully-package purchase will have you, much like me, instantly addicted!

But what if you’re not in Australia? My preferred international finds are Covetique when I lived in the UK or if visiting Japan, I’d recommend Amore Vintage

Any other suggestions? Pop me a comment, I’d love to hear. x