Welcome The Season Change With These Trending Winter Fashion

The seasons are changing and this means it’s time to get ready as summer draws to a close. And the farewell to warmer days is always going to be tough. I mean who doesn’t love to soak up some sun? While nothing hurts like saying goodbye to good days frolicking in the sun, there’s one perk that we fashionistas can take out of it! We can find comfort in the idea of trying out new trends and look forward to switching up our wardrobe!

Still not ready to let go of summer? Here are some of my favourite fashion trends that might have you a bit more optimistic and, in turn, mentally prepared to get your winter looks together!

Rainbow Coats
On top of the cold weather winter brings, it can really get gloomy and dark outside during this season. This makes most of us less motivated to get up, leave the comfort of our cosy beds, get dressed and get going for the day. Thanks to a vibrant new trend, colour appears to retain a foothold in fashion even during the cold season. Colourful, iridescent rainbow coats have been making waves and rocking the trend, giving this season more energy and life. Vibrant colours definitely set a more upbeat mood and tone, you would find yourself wanting to give these rainbow coats a try. To keep up with the trend, go for super bright hues! With these rainbow coats off the runway and out on the streets, gone are the days where summer was only the season of colour!

Over-the-knee Boots
It’s every girls must-have! Elegant and stylish, over-the-knee boots are a timeless fashion statement and strong winter trend year after year, making them truly winter’s hottest trend in footwear. Thigh high boots are proven to be classics that never fail to add a bold touch to an ensemble. There are numerous different options that you will come across when looking for the perfect pair for your OOTD. They could come in leather or suede, and you can have them in either skin-tight style, which best complements dresses, or slouchy style — which are perfect for skinny jeans! Opt for nice neutral hues to make styling with most of your wardrobe easy, or choose colourful pairs and play it vibrant and bold!

Monochromatic Suits
Can power suits be even more powerful? I say YESSS! I can always go for a well-tailored pantsuit but emerging new trend in the form of monochromatic suits is making me sway the opposite direction and I wouldn’t want it any other way. Monochromatic suits make for an easy, chic, great overall fashion statement without that glaring, cringe-inducing vibe. You can be simple yet no less stylish and sophisticated when going for monochromatic dressing. And the best part? There’s no secret trick or life hack that should have up your sleeve in order to pull off a well put-together powerful look. As long as you have your well designed tops and bottoms with complementing accessories in the same shade or hue, there’s no stopping you from rocking that monochromatic suit!

This year’s hottest trends are revolutionizing the conventional statement in fashion making winter trends sizzle in the cold! Whether you want to stick to the classics, bring more vibrance or opt for a one-color fashion statement, consider these top winter fashion favorites a guide that could help you look forward and transition your wardrobe into winter!